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Architects & Engineers and Facilities Services Update

January 19, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share the next step in the evolving organization of campus capital improvement and facilities maintenance activities.

For many years, UCR operated with a single Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business Operations. With the separation of those functions four years ago, the Offices of Financial Planning & Analysis, Capital Planning, and Real Estate Services moved to the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget; while Auxiliary Services, Physical Plant, and Design and Construction (now Architects & Engineers) moved to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services. During that time, we restructured our capital financing program, merged Physical Plant with the custodial, facilities, and groundskeeping functions of Housing, Dining, and Residential Services (now Facilities Services), and revamped a host of supporting processes in all areas, including the creation of a system for prioritizing renovation projects across the campus.

For the past twelve months, the Offices of Architects & Engineers and Facilities Services have reported to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development as we brought a special focus to the teaching and research needs in those areas.

With that preparatory work behind us, and with the arrival of Gerry Bomotti as our new CFO and Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget, we are now ready for the final step in reorganizing our facilities and capital programs. Beginning February 1, all facilities and capital related activities will report to the CFO and Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget. This will bring greater alignment to our capital needs and promote collaboration among the existing divisions, particularly as we embark on several major projects such as the opening of MRB 1, planning and design for the Student Success Center and UCR Health Outpatient Pavilion, and new student housing in Lot 22 and the North District.

I want to thank everyone for their hard work and their patience during the past year as we worked to create systems where none had existed, reduced a large backlog of renovations and repairs, and worked to add much needed new space to the campus.


Kim A. Wilcox

UCR Today story on appointment of Gerry Bomotti as CFO and Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget

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