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May 26, 2017


I often say that this is a great time to be at UCR. This week has been a good example of that. 

We started the week with our final campus conversation. I am grateful for everyone’s thoughtful input throughout those discussions and the collective desire to work toward a better future. I plan to use that feedback in the coming months to continue improving our communications and our implementation. Please see the links listed below to read more on these efforts.

This week, the Academic Senate’s Divisional Meeting discussed several important topics, including transfer student enrollment, campus food security, and scholars at risk. We celebrated over 300 years of service at the Staff Assembly General Meeting, honored over 25 faculty members receiving national and international awards, and wished bon voyage to more than 300 students planning to study abroad this year.

Yesterday, the campus hosted a delegation from the Korean Institute of Materials Science, and we jointly signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to promote further collaboration. On Wednesday, the School of Public Policy facilitated a Regional Convening on Social Innovation and Empowerment with foundation and community partners, which focused on improving community health, economic mobility, and education throughout our region. Finally, University Advancement hosted the quarterly UCR Foundation Board of Trustees meeting and reported that $172 million has been raised as part of the Living the Promise campaign. 

An amazing week! And through it all, I was struck by an image from 1917.

Photo of The Barn in 1917

This is a photo of the Barn when it was built 100 years ago. Few then could have imagined what the campus would look like today. The Barn is a reminder of our history, is a part of our current daily life, and will become an even more vibrant part of our future. Next year, we will begin renovations to preserve this historic structure and to create the dining and entertainment venue that many have long desired. 

None of our accomplishments have been the result of one person’s efforts. Instead, they took many people working together. That commitment to shared goals and values has sustained us for decades and will help to ensure our future. I thank everyone for helping to keep that commitment alive.

I hope you enjoy a happy and restful Memorial Day weekend.


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