Request the Chancellor's signature or endorsement

The Chancellor’s office frequently receives requests for letters, signatures, approvals, and endorsements. Please complete this brief one-page online request form at least three weeks prior to the requested deadline. This form requests information on the nature of and deadline for the request, as well as relevant approvals and supplemental materials. 

If the deadline for the request is less than one week from the date of submission, the requestor should still submit the online form, and the relevant cabinet member (i.e., direct report to the Chancellor) should send an accompanying email to the Associate Chancellor to confirm their approval/endorsement.

Invite the Chancellor or Provost to attend your event

The Chancellor and Provost look forward to attending campus events and speaking to all kinds of campus groups.

To request the Chancellor and/or Provost's attendance at your event, please complete and submit the appropriate form (on the right). Please submit these requests 30 days before the event.

Thirty-plus days before the event 

If you have a campus affiliation and are submitting the forms for a campus event, please submit them through your Vice Chancellor or Dean's office for approval.

Thirty days before the event

Submit the completed form after verifying that all the information is correct.

Ten business days before the event

Please send a detailed briefing and, if appropriate, an agenda.

Immediately before the event 

Advise the chancellor’s office of any last-minute changes to the flow of the event or the guest list.