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Chancellor's Community Advisory Committees

The Chancellor’s Community Advisory Committees provide an opportunity for the Chancellor to seek valuable input and feedback from key community constituencies. Currently, Chancellor Wilcox meets on a regular basis with three committees: the Dr. Barnett and Eleanor Jean Grier Concerned Citizens of UCR, the oldest of the groups representing African American leaders since 1982; the Native American Advisory Committee; and the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Chicano/Latino Affairs.

Each group is comprised of community, business, education, non-profit and government leaders, as well as engaged UC Riverside alumni. Topics of discussion often include student recruitment and graduation success; faculty, staff, and campus leadership recruitment, hiring and retention; campus climate and safety, and highlighting new programs and initiatives.

The chairs of the committees are:
  • Jalani Bakari, Grier Concerned Citizens
  • Theresa Mike, Native American Advisory Committee
  • Ninfa Delgado, Advisory Committee for Chicano/Latino Affairs