Free Speech Working Group

A university requires an environment where students and scholars can freely express ideas and pursue knowledge, while also promoting respectful dialogue among individuals or groups with opposing viewpoints. To better achieve these ambitions, we have created a Free Speech Working Group comprising of students, faculty, and staff to ensure our policies are meeting the needs of the campus community and to foster transparency in how these policies are implemented.

Working Group Membership

Mariam Lam (Chair)
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer

Kiersten Boyce
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer

John W. Cioffi
Vice Chair, Academic Senate, Riverside Division

Denise Davis
Director, Women's Resource Center

Lisa Dye
Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Mike Lane
Chief of Police

Jadie Lee
Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Shawn Ragan
President, Graduate Student Association

Elizabeth Romero
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Governmental and Community Relations

Brian Haynes
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Albert Vasquez
Executive Director of Enterprise Risk Management

Christine Victorino
Associate Chancellor

Tim Willette
Director, Institutional Ethics and Compliance

Student Representative, ASUCR (TBD)

Student Representative, Diversity Council (TBD)

David Bergquist (Advisor to the Committee)
Campus Counsel, UCR

Elisabeth Yap (Advisor to the Committee)
Senior Counsel, UC Office of the President

Kathy Eiler
Director, Federal Relations

John Freese
Assistant Chief of Police