Gender Recognition & Lived Name Committee

Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition & Lived Name

President Drake released this policy in November 2020.

Overview of policy and UCR action items

UC Riverside Information Technology Solutions is currently working on an implementation strategy and timeline (see links and updates to the right). 


One of the most common requests from departments is for training. An online training is now available and recommended for all. To access the training, entitled "Gender Recognition: A Focus on Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Awareness," go to and search for "Gender Recognition." 

To schedule an in-person training to expand on the online module, please contact Nancy Tubbs, Director of the LGBT Resource Center at or 951.827.2267.


The Gender Recognition Act (California Senate Bill 179) officially went into effect January 1, 2019. The bill streamlines the process for Californians to apply to change their gender markers, and creates a nonbinary gender category (the letter “x,” "n," or "nb") on California birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, identity cards, and gender-change court orders. This law provides an opportunity for our campus to update language and policies to be more inclusive of transgender, intersex, and nonbinary members of the UCR community.

To guide our campus through this transition, Chancellor Wilcox asked Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Mariam Lam, to lead a task force to examine current use of gender in systems across the campus, and to advise senior leadership on steps to incorporate a nonbinary category into these systems. This process has included:

  1. Reviewing campus data systems, report templates, surveys/assessments, physical spaces, and policy language

  2. Implementing inclusive changes to systems, policies and customer service practices

  3. Recommending training and resources to ensure appropriate implementation.

This work is consistent with UCR’s Principles of Community, by which we affirm our commitment to equitable treatment of all students, staff, and faculty; as well as our commitment to creating an environment in which each person has the opportunity to grow and develop. The UCR task force has essentially completed its original objectives. Based on the original inventory, this living document outlines categories of perceived needs, along with recommendations and/or best practices already in effect. The task force has now morphed into a committee to coordinate and support the ongoing implementation work happening through ITS and human resources, as well as following up with specific departments as needed to provide consultation and training as they implement the recommendations.

Gender Recognition Act Task Force FAQ


Changing Legal Identity Documents in California
Fact Sheet from the Transgender Law Center
Example of changes made for California State Housing Entities
UCR Transgender Guide
NCAA Training Materials

Committee Membership

Mariam Lam
Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer (Chair)

Kiersten Boyce
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer

Bracken Dailey

Teri Eckman
Executive Director, Student Information Systems

Dan Jeske
Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

Alfred Karam
Payroll Coordination and Analysis Manager

Disha Kibria
Associate Director, HR/APO Systems

Jamie Loryn Lopez
Senior Counsel

Carol Marquez
UC Path Technical Project Manager

Eric Martin
Systems Portfolio Manager

Alex Najera
Chief Human Resources Officer

Katina Napper
Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

Antonette Toney
Executive Director, UCPath Campus Support Center

Nancy Jean Tubbs
Director, LGBT Resource Center 

Sara Umali
Director for Data & Technology, Academic Personnel

Lorena Velasquez 
Human Resources Project Manager

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Megan Rush ( or Vice Chancellor Mariam Lam (