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Task Force on Campus Culture

Task Force Report

This report is intended to be a living document - not a final product for a shelf. Please feel free to continue to provide feedback and suggestions through the online form or to chancellor@ucr.edu.


The task force will convene regularly during the Summer and Fall of 2019. Initial recommendations will be developed and shared with campus stakeholders in Fall and Winter, with final recommendations due to senior leadership in December 2019.

May 2019: Task Force convenes, receives charge from the Chancellor

July-August 2019: Gather input from staff, other advisory groups

September 2019-January 2020: Gather input from students, faculty

February 2020: Final recommendations to the Chancellor


As UCR grows in size, in reputation, and in diversity, there is a growing need for leaders from across the campus to articulate common norms and values that shape our expectations for life and work together. This broad goal to foster a thriving campus community is reinforced by our Principles of Community. To properly sustain these Principles of Community, there must be a network of accompanying policies, processes, and behaviors that create a safe and welcoming environment in which each person has the opportunity to grow and develop.

The Campus Culture Task Force will build on the work of recent departmental and campus-wide reviews, to gather data points on campus culture from a variety of sources (UCUES, faculty/staff surveys, forums, etc.) and develop a set of recommendations to campus leadership. The charge will include analyzing our formal policies, informal processes, and organizational behavior to address bullying, harassment, favoritism, and toxic work environments. Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer Mariam Lam and Dean of the Bourns College of Engineering Christopher Lynch will co-chair the task force.

Task Force Membership

Mariam Lam, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer (co-chair)
Christopher S. Lynch, Dean, Bourns College of Engineering (co-chair)
Karla Aguilar, CARE Director
Crystal Baik, Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, CHASS 
Kiersten Boyce, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer
Georgianne Carlson, Associate Vice Chancellor and CFAO, Planning, Budget, and Administrative Services
Boniface Fokwa, Associate Professor of Chemistry, CNAS
Ross French, President, Staff Assembly
Peter Hayashida, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Drew Hecht, Co-Director of Project Management, Architects & Engineers
Daniel Jeske, Vice Provost, Administrative Resolution 
Andrew Larratt-Smith, University Ombuds* (advisory / non-voting role)
Elizabeth Mondragon, Interim Executive Director of Health and Psychological Student Services 
Katina Napper, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel
Helen Regan, Department Chair, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology
Ertem Tuncel, Associate Dean, Graduate Division
Mary White, Policy & Communication Analyst, Human Resources

Staff Support: Christine Victorino, Associate Chancellor and Beth Claassen Thrush, Project Policy Analyst