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Chancellor's Taskforce on Staff Engagement

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High levels of engagement impact employee retention and improve organizational performance. Chancellor Wilcox launched the Taskforce on Staff Engagement in May 2018 to identify opportunities to enhance staff engagement and develop recommendations for additional actions to increase staff engagement at UCR.

In 2012, UC initiated periodic administration of a survey of nonrepresented staff to measure employee engagement. The most recent survey was conducted in 2017. In January 2018, an open forum was held at UCR to share both systemwide and campus results, and to obtain feedback about priorities for campus staff.  

The taskforce will review results from the 2017, 2015 and 2012 surveys as well as recent campus input from the January 2018 forum and from the 2017 “Campus Conversations.” Informed by these data, the taskforce will identify best practices, propose opportunities for improvements at UCR, and develop recommendations for campus actions to address issues raised by staff, with a goal of increasing staff engagement.  

The Task force will meet twice a month for approximately six months, and will put forth recommendations to the Chancellor by December 15, 2018. This timetable will require dedication to hard but enormously meaningful work. Participants will have a voice in shaping material enhancements to the staff experience at UCR. 


2017 Staff Engagement Survey Results
UCR Today story on Staff Engagement Survey results forum

Committee Members

Julie Salgado (co-chair), Housing Special Events and Tours Manager, Staff Assembly President
Jadie Lee (co-chair), Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Abril Chavando, Credential Analyst, University Extension
Teri Eckman, Associate Director, Information Technology Solutions
Kim Huynh, TAPS Events Coordinator, Business and Administrative Services
Fahd Mantara, Financial Services Coordinator, Enrollment Services
Brooke Rodriguez, Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator, School of Medicine
Jason Rodriguez, Financial Analyst, Financial Planning & Administration
Veronique Rorive, Assistant Director, UC Mexico Initiative
Suzy Sharweed, Academic Advisor Lead, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
John Valdez, Financial and Administrative Officer, Student Affairs
Wilhelmina Van de Ven, Staff Research Associate, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Robert Wolfer, Information Technology Manager, Graduate School of Education

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